Learn how we sort, measure and classify our trees.

Sorting guide for Christmas-trees and classifications

Here, you will find our sorting guide for Christmas-trees in English and Danish

We follow european approved guidelines and standard in our sorting and classifcation of trees. This provides you with the guarantee that you receive a product that lives up to you and your buyers' expectations. We keep up to date with new rules and/or regulations to existing ones, guidelines, etc. to ensure our customers 100% satisfaction. 

In our sorting guide for Christmas-trees, you can learn more about how we at Silva Green / Teglgaard Wood measure and classify our trees. We are experts in, especially the Nordmann Fir. 

There exists many ways to sort and classify Christmas trees on the market, and you may experience some wholesellers deviate from eachother. In Silva Green, we sort, measure and classify, according to GlobalG.A.P. This will ensure you as a customer and dealer, a fine and consistent quality of christmas trees.

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