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We have been working with Christmas trees for more than 35 years, and provide our customers with the best expertise in the field. Prima, Standard & "Nature" quality on several different products, including Norman fir, Norway/European spruce and blue spruce.

We care for and cultivate all our trees, and take pride in proper and efficient forestry work. In addition, we can handle a lot of contractor work, and can provide service in various areas - contact us and learn more.

No matter what your logistical need may be, we can assist you in your request. We are able to fulfil orders, to any destination at any time. 


Our primary sale of Christmas trees is of the Nordmann Fir variety, for many, also known as "Abies Nordmanniana". In addition, we can provide european spruce and blue spruce for those who may wish - we can always make the best offers and provide the largest selection of Nordmann Fir, with sizes all the way up to 7 metres in the finest quality, send directly to your location. 

The Christmas trees are all marked in sorts that follow the approved sorting system in Europe. The system is designed so that there is a label color for the quality and height of the tree. This gives you a guarantee that the Christmas tree meets the requirements that have been imposed on Christmas tree manufacturers, and you can thus be completely confident that you are buying a Christmas tree quality that lives up to your expectations. 

The labeling can also be adapted to the individual customer's wishes, should there be any special design preference - it could, for example, be a logo that is desired to be affixed to the label. We have the opportunity to assist with advice on this at no extra cost, so you as a customer achieve the highest satisfaction 

Nordmann Fir

Our core product is the Nordmann Fir Christmas tree. This is what we sell the most, and our experience is that it is also this tree that the consumer prefers - we have seen this development in the last decade, and therefore we can obtain virtually any size of this variety. The Nordmann Fir is characterized by being sufficiently full, not too wide and has a very special scent that really characterizes Christmas for many people in many countries. The tree is an extremely hardy variety, and can grow in even harsh climates.

European/Norway Spruce

To many Danes, the Norway Spruce is considered the "original" Christmas tree and has been widely used since the 1800th hundreds. 

For many years, Denmark has been home to the Norway spruce and is one of the Danish forestry's primary tree species. As a Christmas tree, it is, therefore, a traditional choice, and has been decorated in many Danish homes for several centuries. Spruce is a relatively slender and upright tree and has fine green needles that are the same on all sides. 

Blue Spruce

Blue spruce is a beautiful evergreen conifer with short and beautiful bluish needles, as well as medium-sized hanging cones. The tree has a nice cone-shaped growth, and is extremely windy, but is best in the sun. As a Christmas tree, the tree is used to a lesser extent, however, it is still a favorite among certain customer segments - a slightly more different choice, albeit still used. Blue spruce is often confused with nobilis, which is used as a decorative green.


Decorative Greenery

Over the past few decades, vast amounts of Christmas trees and greenery have been produced in Denmark. Denmark are European champions in the production of Christmas trees, and manufacture millions of trees and several thousand tons of decorative greenery. Cut greenery is sold primarily for use in wreaths, or similar decorative items. 

In our range of greenery, you will find several different sorts .... 

Nordmann Fir - Decorative Greenery

Extremely popular product we sell in bundles of min. 5 kg. Nordmann fir is high-quality cut green, with a fantastic scent, nice green color and rich branches - just as we know it from our Christmas trees - quality is always the priority at Silva-Green. 

Noble Fir - Nobilis

The noble fir is particularly recognizable on the silver-greyish needles, which is a colour reminiscent of a cross between blue-grey and blue-green shades. The Nobilis have close-fitting monotonous needles on both sides and is on average about 3 cm. long. Nobilis is the most sought-after product for decorative greenery, which may be due to the close-fitting needles that give extremely beautiful and full-bodied branches - together with the Nordmann Fir, Nobilis/Noble fir is our best-selling and most sought-after decorative item.  


In our range, you will also find the Chryptomeria variety. This variety is also a beautiful green tree that has clear and distinctive green needles. The wood is particularly known for its ability to acquire a special bronze-like colour during the winter months. The branches are relatively narrow compared to Nordmann Fir and Nobilis, but add a very special twist to any decoration by standing out, with its dense, tall shape. 


Noble cypress is another variety that, like Chryptomeria, differs slightly from Nobilis and Nordmann Fir, by being a bit of a niche species. Cypress decorative greenery is often used in connection with holidays, weddings, funerals and the like. Among other things, this variety sees a lot of use in decorations and hand bouquets as well as wreath bindings. 

Mountain Pine

Mountain pine sees its primary use as grave cover, as firewood chips and cover green. The branches have long, dark green needles, whose shape differs slightly from the other spruces.


Serbisk søjlegran, der er mere kendt som Omorika-gran er et andet stedsegrønt træ, med slankt opret vækstform. Nålene på Omorika gran er kendetegnet ved at have en grå underside, med en flot dyb mørkegrøn farve på oversiden. Dette gør at denne type træ ofte indgår som en del af en dekoration i f.eks. kranse eller buketter.

Potgrown Christmas Trees

Prima quality Potted Nordmann Fir

Potted Christmas tree, Christmas-tree with a root ball or just a potted tree, is a product that are currently experiencing an increasingly growing interest from the end-user. This is in part due to factors like sustainability and modern alternatives, playing a larger role among the average consumer. Additionally, the potted Christmas tree takes up less space than a regular cut Christmas tree, which makes it a perfect fit for most smaller apartments and smaller rooms. Furthermore, the tree can be planted again outside. 

  • Potted Nordmann Fir with root ball
  • Perfect christmas tree for the kitchen table, small living rooms, the balcony or other smaller rooms.
  • 1st.. grade only. (Prima-quality)
  • Lasts for a long time, with the possibility of replanting
  • Drops very few needles, just like you know it from our regular freshly cut Nordmann Fir. 

The potgrown Christmas tree's pariticular ability, is that it can be planted again, in your garden. 

Logistics & Palletizing

With the best type of pallets and cooperation with the best freight forwarders, you can rest assured that you will always receive timely delivery, with each load being carefully palletized and packed so that there are no accidents with broken branches or other types of complaints. 

Delivery in all of Europe

With Silva-Green, you of course get timely delivery throughout Europe. With our in-depth knowledge of logistical options, we ensure you a safe and undamaged delivery of Christmas trees and/or greenery. We can guarantee this because we have been in the business for more than 40 years and have delivered hundreds of thousands of trees to happy returning customers. Do not compromise on good service! We are proud to say that in Silva-Green, we certainly do not. 

Highest palletizing quality

Our pallets are of utmost quality, with an extremely strong bottom that makes any damage inflicted minimal. Although, if there should there be any problems, we are always ready to assist with fast and efficient service. 

Forestry and Contractor

Aside from our primary occupation, selling and producing christmas trees, we empoy 10-25 men anually throughout the year - this staff is a top-of-the line a-class team, and can provide services like ... 

Traditional forestry work for private forest owners
  • Forestry 
  • Planting 
  • Maintenance of tree-cultures

... And much more! We have skillsets to meet a wide variety of assignment, and can also aid with consulting and advise, in regards to Christmas trees. We have a keen eye to good quality, and long-term steady results.