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Contractor services & Traditional forestry work

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Contractor services and forestry

We touch on many links in the Silva-Green distribution chain, including processing, sale and export of Christmas trees, and therefore it is only natural that we in the Teglgaard-Wood ApS constellation, can offer a variety of contractor services and forestry. In addition to our primary work in the sale of Christmas trees and greenery, more than 20 men are employed throughout the year, our crew can deliver work within, among other things… 

  • Forestry 
  • Planting 
  • Maintenance of forest/wood cultures

5 Reasons to let Silva-Green handle your foresting and entrepreneurship assignments.

Want to buy christmas trees and/or greenery? The proces is rather simple!

We dont complicate things, or speak between the lines. In fact, in merely 3 steps, we can explain  how we can get from a good quote, too delivery of the final order! 

01 | Get a good quote

First, simply fill out our "get quote" form, or contact us directly - then we will give you a non-binding offer. We can also help you get an overview of your actual needs, if you do not quite know how many trees or how many tons of greenery you need to fullfull your business goals.  


Once you have received your competitive offer on the number of trees and ornamental greenery that we in cooperation have reached, we agree on the final price and you let us know where and when your products are to be delivered.

03 | Delivery & Completion

We deliver your order at your desired point in time and location. We ensure the quality of our products are of the highest standards and ensure a good agreement with trustworthy and thorough Christmas-tree experts. We deliver throughout Europe and we are truly looking forward to doing business with you.