Pot Grown Christmas Trees of the species Nordman Fir (Abies Nordmannia)

Pot grown christmas trees with rootball and fine rooting - 35 years of experience in cultivating the finest Christmas trees

Potted Christmas tree, Christmas tree with root ball or just potted tree? However you wish to refer to this specimen, this beautiful spruce tree with root ball is now a classic, and many customers 'and consumers' favourite Christmas tree. We are experiencing an ever-increasing interest in the sustainable Christmas tree, and anticipate that this will be a very popular choice in the future as well. På denne side, kan du læse mere om træet og se hele vores sortiment af pottede nordmannsgran. 

Juletræer i potte er igennem de seneste år, blevet mere og mere populære for mange kunde segmenter, og det skyldes blandt andet den højere grad af bæredygtighed der er forbundet i produktionen og brugen af et juletræ med rodklump. Der kan være mange årsager til at vælge at købe et pottetræ, måske er det for kunden der ikke har meget plads i stuen, eller måske bor i en mindre lejlighed, altså et spørgsmål om at spare lidt på pladsen – men det kan også være et ønske om at vælge et juletræ der er en anelse mere miljøvenligt, ligesom at det også kan være specifikt fordi man har et ønske om at plante juletræet igen, hvilket er fuldt ud muligt og ikke særlig besværligt.

When it comes down to it, the unique thing about the potted tree is that customers can replant it, in their garden, perhaps by a cottage or allotment garden. Options are many with the potted tree and you do not compromise on either price, quality or delivery time. Contact us to hear more, and let's have a chat about how we can best meet your needs.

Most of our Christmas trees in pots are sold as the highest quality "prima" (or better) of the variety Nordmann Fir (Abies Nordmanniana), which is known for its beautiful cone shape, long soft needles and dark green glow. However, we also have the option of offering the potted trees in a lower but more affordable quality; "nature". These Pot grown Christmas trees can stand all Christmas over, and they are an extremely hardy plant, 

In addition, we can offer a lower quality of potted Christmas trees in real authentic Christmas-scented Nordmann Fir intended for decorative purposes, e.g. decoration of shops, urban landscape, for scenery, theatres or the like. 

At Silva-Green ApS you can order wholesale, and as a private person or company with delivery address in Denmark, you can always visit us at and order a beautiful pot-grown nordmann fir delivered right to your door on a date of your choice, and you can even have the tree picked up again after Christmas. 

Our pot grown christmas trees are marked and sorted in accordance with european set guidelines and standards, and you can learn more about how the measure, sort and classify our trees by taking a look at our sorting guide, RIGHT HERE This ensure you a pot grown christmas tree that is always in a well documented quality. 

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Pottetræ med flot rodnet

Our potted Christmas trees are especially recognizable on their beautiful root system you can see if you lift the tree up from the pot it has grown in. The root network here, is achieved by ensuring the tree the most optimal conditions for growth. 

Through cooperation, the right amount of fertilizer and many visits annually to the various farms, the potted Christmas trees are well taken care of, so that the beautiful dark green glow is achieved on the needles that are so characteristic of Nordmann Fir 

pottede juletræer

On the plantations where the potted Christmas trees have stood for many years, they are marked and labelled correctly and continuously, which is done in order to have as much control as possible over the growth pattern of the Christmas trees. This also includes age and height. In Europe, many Christmas tree producers work in their sorting based on The Global G.A.P standardand these are all guidelines that we makes sure to live up to the fullest in Silva-Green ApS, which you can read more about in our Quality and grading description. Our vision is to be one of Europe's favourite Christmas tree wholesalers, and we believe that the way to do this is achieved by being a reliable, affordable and quality-conscious partner, too all customers and associates. 

pottede juletræer

Potted Nordmann Fir - 80-100 cm

Prima - Quality

Nordmann Fir in a pot, the best quality at a good price. Can be bought in 3 different sizes. Here at the smallest, 80-100 cm

Potted Nordmann Fir. 100-120 cm

Prima - Quality

Nordmann Fir in a pot, the best quality at a good price. Can be bought in 3 different sizes. Here at the size 100-120 cm.

Nordmann Fir

Prima - Quality

Nordmann Fir in a pot, the best quality at a good price. Can be bought in 3 different sizes. Here at the size 120-150 cm.

Nordmann Fir

Prima - Quality

Nordmann Fir in a pot, the best quality at a good price. Can be bought in 4 different sizes. Here at the largest, 160-180 cm

Potted Nordmann Fir 100-140

Nature - Quality

Nordmann Fir / pot grown christmas tree, in a particularly price-friendly quality "Natur" - in the size 100-140cm