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Wholesale of Christmastrees and Greenery since 1976

Since 1976, Silva-Green ApS have been selling Christmas-trees and decorative greenery. Our primary sales-product is the Nordmann Fir and Nobilis/Noble Fir. Additionally, we can offer you all sort of Fir, all you need to do is request the specific product you would like, and we can most likely provide a set quantity for a good price - we can offer you trees in all kinds of sizes, all the way up to Nordmann firs of 7 metres. We have unique industry knowledge, and in-depth knowledge of the market and its development, which is due to the fact that we also have our own production, in very close collaboration with our partners Doennerup Estate and GIsselfeld Monastery. Throughout the year, we have been exporting to the whole of Europe, and we have not yet seen a challenge, which we could not overcome. 

If you are interested, simply contact us with your inquiry by phone or contact form, or go directly to "obtain quotes" and receive non-binding offers on the products you are interested in 

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 A business is not any better than the way they treat their customers and partners. We acknowledge this and provide you with the highest level of customer service at all times. We want to be reliable and trustworthy. Our response time is short, and we are problem-solvers by heart. In Silva-Green, we are always ready to assist you, no matter if you need help with logistics, questions about any product or something else entirely - we are here for you, and will aid you, to the best of our abilities. Silva-Green ApS are amongst the largest wholesalers of christmas-trees and decorative greenery in Denmark, and sell more than 240.000 trees and numerous tons of greenery each year. 

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Aside from the quality that is intertwined with the services we provide, we are proud to offer and produce the highest and purest quality of Nordmann Fir on the market. We sort and label according to European set standards and regulations, and guarantee you freshly cut trees in the right size, which has been worked up according to danish and European law. This translates into many visits each year to our farm and regular qualified culture inspections. We are experts in the Christmas-tree, and this is, after all, the core of our business. 

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Christmas trees from Denmark - Exported all over Europe

All our Christmas trees of sorts Nordmann Fir, red spruce and blue spruce, etc., have all been carefully worked up in the most optimal conditions, in order to both have a profitable production and achieve the most sustainable Christmas tree production. We know that Danish Christmas trees in many countries are a trademark in themselves. Naturally, we cherish that, and we're proud to say we supply and produce some of the world's most beautiful Christmas trees, and export them to many different countries throughout Europe. 

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Always the best quality christmas trees, and most desirable business partner.

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 Here you see a drone recording of some of our cultures - business transparency means a lot to us as dealers, and therefore it is absolutely essential for us to be able to take our customers completely behind the scenes, and get a good overview of our products. It is for us, good business practice, and with many years of loyal and satisfied customers, we imagine that we have done something right - we look forward to our partnership, and ensure you some of Denmark's most beautiful Christmas trees and decorative greenery. 

We call ourselves experts in Christmas trees, in good confidence. In our wholesale of Christmas trees from Denmark of the variety Nordmann Fir, we are both present at the wholesale level and the production. Silva-Green ApS has many competencies you can benefit from in your own production of Christmas trees, among other things, we can provide advice and expertise in the best conditions for marketing Christmas trees.


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