Christmas tree production, wholesale, consulting and export - since 1976

Proud manufacturer of the finest, natural nordmann fir and more, grown with respect towards nature.

We follow European standards (GAP), for measuring trees, labeling and sorting.


Silva-Green produces and processes more than 100,000 trees annually, in collaboration with Dønnerup estate and Gisselfeld Kloster which back in 2017, together with Silva-Green, went under one roof; Teglgaard-Wood ApS. In addition to the primary work of selling Christmas trees and ornamental greenery, Silva Green employs 10–15 men with traditional forestry work for private forest owners, such as logging, planting and cultural maintenance.

Having our own Christmas tree production means a lot to us as wholesalers, as it both provides us with valuable insight into pricing, as well as allows us to use the professional expertise we have in the Christmas tree area - above all else, we are experts in Christmas trees.

Through careful inspection and care of our cultures, we have a production where we know that the trees we sell live up to the standards as set on the market. 


Gisselfeld Forest District's goal is to produce quality trees and maintain and develop the production and natural value in the forest. 

At present, the forest district's permanent staff consists of a forester and six employees. In addition, a large number of freelancers/loose work is called in each year for the Christmas tree and decorative green season, where as many as 75,000 Christmas trees and 150 tonnes of decorative green are produced annually. The majority of the Christmas trees are exported and are today a significant part of Gisselfeld Skovdistrikt's business.

Additionally, the forest district's production processes larger quantities of wood chips, which are sold to heating plants and the like. Gisselfeld Castle, Avlsgård and associated buildings are heated via wood-burning stoves, of which the forests supply the necessary amount of fuel. You can visit their website by clicking the logo below. 



Dønnerup Gods produces approximately 50,000 Christmas trees and 120 tons of ornamental/decorative greenery annually, with a current goal of producing and selling 85,000 trees as well as even more tons of greenery. They have a modern and very efficient machine park that can handle many types of tasks, and also have a well-trained and educated staff that ensures the production of quality Christmas trees and decorative greenery. It gives you a professionally crafted product, on time. 

Click on their logo and visit the website to learn more about Doennerup Estate.