European approved Christmas Trees from Denmark

Danish Christmas-trees
From Denmark, for more than 35 years.

Christmas trees from Denmark - Since 1976

Denmark is one of the countries in the modern world that produces the most Christmas trees. Although many sources indicate that the traditional Christmas tree in Denmark has been red spruce, there are many indications that Nordmann Fir has won the hearts of most Danes. 

Christmas trees from Denmark are known for their good quality and many experienced wholesalers, as well as manufacturers who often work closely together to create the best conditions for Christmas tree sales. Together, they ensure that Christmas trees from Denmark live up to the standards presented in Europe.

Danish Christmas trees are often perceived as a brand itself abroad, and especially the Nordmann Fir is a popular choice, although there remain a certain demand for red spruce and blue spruce, which we at Silva-Green ApS are also experts in. 

The quality of the Christmas trees and the production of Christmas trees from Denmark is partly due to the climate we have here at home that helps the Nordmann fir trees well on their way to reaching their most optimal appearance and growth cycles. This is especially true of the larger trees over 4-5 meters, which many other countries have a hard time producing. At Silva-Green ApS, we can provide giant Christmas trees up to 10 meters, which look extremely good as market Christmas trees or at town hall squares. 

Additionally, the Christmas tree producers in Denmark have accumulated refined competencies in more than 35 years of professional Christmas tree cultivation and, at the same time, are logistically superior with strong network advantages both nationally and internationally. Read more about Silva-Green ApS ’ Logistics & Palletising service by clicking here. 

Every year, more than 10 million Danish Christmas trees are produced nationwide, and we are proud to say that we at Silva-Green ApS contribute several hundred thousand of these trees annually. Read more about the Christmas tree and its story-roots at TreeTime RIGHT HERE In addition, you can read about our sorting instructions for Christmas trees on THIS SITE. 

By comparison, approximately 36 million Christmas trees are produced each year in North America, and approximately 50-60 million Christmas trees in Europe. Ie. that we in Denmark make up almost 1/5 of the total production in Europe. This makes the danish Christmas tree industry one of the country's largest export adventures to date. Not only do we in Denmark have one of the world's largest productions of Christmas trees, we are especially in the north, and especially Denmark, known for our high levels of service and quality. Christmas trees from Denmark have become a trademark in themselves, and Danish Christmas trees have a very special quality associated with them. 

Christmas tree production requires patience, knowledge and understanding of nature. That is why we are experts in Christmas trees above all else, and in collaboration with our partners, we ensure that we run a sustainable and profitable production that meets all our customers' needs. 

How the trees are produced in Denmark has changed significantly over the years, as producers are constantly becoming wiser about how to best grow their plantations, and find the best methods to having their Christmas tree production in forestry - this is the most sustainable, a lot of research suggests, and therefore it is a method we at Silva-Green ApS strive to follow. 

Sources point out that the Nordmann fir came to Northern Europe in 1850, and no one at that time had expected this beautifully green and rich Christmas tree to become the most popular in all of Europe, and not at all in Denmark. Christmas trees from Denmark and the Danish Christmas tree is dear to many consumers Europe-wide. 

As the years have passed, we have taken the Nordmann fir so well to heart that it is by far the most popular Christmas tree in Denmark. Both blue spruce, Nobilis and red spruce have seen their downfall to many, and are no longer the preferred Christmas tree. 

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