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Here you find our full product range og Christmas trees and Greenery

Here you see our full range of products. The top list is our selection of cut Christmas trees as well as potted Christmas trees, and the list below is our selection of decorative greenery and spruce etc. Should there be a specific size of a tree you are interested in that you can not immediately find on the list, you are very welcome to contact us and we will find a solution.

If you are looking for a particular sort or species that you are having trouble finding, feel free to reach out to us and we can aid you. We have a broad network of dealers and distributors, as well as our own production, which means that we have a deep insight to the whole supply chain. Hence, we may be able to help you!  

You will find different freshly cut Christmas trees, pot grown Christmas trees (Abies nordmannia) red spruce (picea abies), nobilis (abies procera) and many different types of decorative and cut greenery, amongst these are cypres, mountain pine tree and omorika, as well as numerous others. 

Product TypeQualitySize in cm.
Nordmann FirPrima80-100
Nordmann FirPrima100-125
Nordmann FirPrima125-150
Nordmann FirPrima150-175
Nordmann FirPrima175-200
Nordmann FirPrima200-250
Nordmann FirStandard200-250
Nordmann FirStandard150-175
Nordmann FirStandard175-200
Nordmann FirStandard200-250
Nordmann FirStandard250-280
Nordmann FirNature100-150
Nordmann FirNature150-200
Nordmann FirNature200-250
Potted Nordmann FirPrima80-100
Potted Nordmann FirPrima100-120
Potted Nordmann FirPrima120-150
Potted Nordmann FirNature100-140
European/Norway SprucePrima125-150
European/Norway SprucePrima150-175
European/Norway SprucePrima175-250
Product TypeSortingLabelLength cm.Weight/Colli
Noble Fir/NobilisBundle of 500-600g40-8010 pc./colli
Noble Fir/NobilisBundle of 600-700g40-8010 pc./colli
Noble Fir/NobilisGreen youth branchPurple40-805 kg
Noble Fir/NobilisBlue-green youth branchYellow40-805 kg
Noble Fir/NobilisGreen middle branchPurple30-705 kg
Noble Fir/NobilisBlue-green middle branchOrange 30-705 kg
Noble Fir/NobilisBlue middle branchBlue30-705 kg
Noble Fir/NobilisBlue-green decorative branch IIIWhite30-905 kg
Noble Fir/NobilisBlue-green wreath items III/IVRosa30-905 kg
Noble Fir/NobilisBlue decorative branches IIGreen40-905 kg
Noble Fir/NobilisSilver-blue decorative brances IRed30-805 kg
Nordmann FirShort/MixPurple30-805 kg
Nordmann FirShort/PrimaOrange40-805 kg
Nordmann FirLong/PrimaRed 40-905 kg
Nordmann FirLong/SekundaPurple40-1205 kg
Nordmann FirBundle of 500-600g 10 pc./colli
Nordmann FirBundle of 600-700g10 pc./colli
Nordmann Fir Bundle of 1000 g5 pc./colli
Omorika5 kg
Mountain PineShort5 kg
Mountain PineLong5 kg
CypresGreen5 kg
CypresBlue5 kg
CypresYellow5 kg
Chryotomeria50 pc.