Sell christmas trees from Denmark and become a dealer

With more than 35 years of experience in the sale of decorative greenery and Christmas trees, including production as well as export and logistics, you will have an efficient and credible partner in Silva-Green. For many decades, we have worked together with both smaller and larger partners, and have through long-term customer relations, created a strong proffesonal network based on quality and good craftsmanship.

Become part of a good business where honesty and quality are paramount

Buy large as well as smaller quantities of decorative greenery and Christmas trees from Denmark directly through Silva-Green / Teglgaard Wood ApS. Although our main sales are exported for resale, we also have a lot of smaller customers who sell our trees - it is mainly christmas-stalls, but also flower shops, garden centres, nurseries, and other businesses can buy decorative greenery of various varieties, as well as Christmas trees, with us, at competitive prices. 

We value quality and orderliness, with respect for the industry highly, and are always looking for partners who share our core values ​​such as credibility and quality awareness. For many decades, Silva-Green has been one of the country's largest Christmas tree wholesalers - and with good reason - we have the experience, a solid professional network that reaches all around Europe, market and industry knowledge and a strong collaboration with Dønnerup Gods and Gisselfeld Kloster. In total, we sell more than 240,000 trees annually and have lots of satisfied customers.

Why be a reseller of our Products?

  • We've got a unique insight and knowledge to the industry and market, with more than 35 years of experience, selling and producing christmas trees. 
  • We strive to have a more sustainable production and we are up to date with the best work processes and workflows, and we always seek to use the most efficient and optimal production methods. 
  • Our prices are always competitive, and you are always certain that you are buying products from us, that lives up to your expectations.
  • We follow approved European sorting and labelling regulations, and make sure the quality and sizing of the trees are accordingly. 
  • Sell christmas trees and increase your business profits, by buying your Christmas trees from Silva-Green ApS, and be certain that you recieve trees in a fine quality at very competitive prices. 

Contact us, and let's discuss a potential partnership.

Go to the page "contact", send an email directly or call us and we will reach an agreement. If you want to buy, you can go to "get a quote" or contact us directly, by email or by using the contact form.

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